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" The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom"

- Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam








                        Dear Teaching and Supporting Staff, Parents and Students,


There was a change in every sphere of life during the Covid-19 pandemic period. The pandemic led all to a completely virtual and quarantined way of living for some time. In those days electronic gadgets were the only virtual means of information and communication, and other usages; consequently, everyone had to use them. There was no other choice left out.


Physical class / offline learning became a far-reaching cry and so an entirely online method was bound to be adopted in the field of teaching and learning process. The online means of teaching helped somewhat in learning. But then it also had some disadvantages.


Electronic gadgets were used so much in those days that it seemed as if one became a member of a gadget-filled family rather than a natural family bonding. It is an undeniable fact.


However, the situation is now in normal attire as it looks presently. Hope, we may not be afflicted again gravely by any plague or other disasters.


The CJS family is glad as we are back on the offline learning track. We continue to make and foster a healthy environment for the teaching and learning process. We help our students to develop a scientific temper for invention and discovery. They are always guided to use the discoveries and gadgets for the development and benefit of all. We inculcate good moral values in them to live a moral, disciplined, and balanced life


Thus, we have tried to recover from the loss incurred in education and formation during those covid-pandemic days.


A gentle piece of advice to our students of PN - X: Dear Children, be health conscious and be safe. Keep doing your duties and responsibilities of learning as studious and obedient students. Respect your teachers, parents and friends and get blessings from them. Never ever misuse social media. Do not fall prey to substance abuse as well. You, be smart.  Always be good and do good. Certainly, you will reap the harvest of good results not only in the curricular test but also in the examination of life. Best wishes to all for the forthcoming Examination 2023 - 2024.


Dear Fathers and Sisters, Teaching, Office and Supporting Staff and Parents, Friends and Well-wishers, you deserve a huge appreciation for your cooperation and continued support in making our Institute a temple of learning and a fortress of discipline. Please be kind enough to continue to support us.


On behalf of the CJS management, I express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all.


May God bless our efforts and endeavors!


 Fr. James Thapa SDS













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