“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” Aristotle 













The school upholds the values which are the guiding principles in the path of students on their formative period of schooling that will remain the entire life journey. Whatever the students learn and receive in the school take the decisive role to shape and transmit their dream of life. The true knowledge is the most powerful weapon and the authentic source that can decide the entire life of a person. The school is committed to care and impart this knowledge of wisdom.


The school is blessed to have a group of dedicated and committed teaching and non-teaching staff. They work hard with dedication to help the students to build up their future. In our journey we experience the encouragement and support of the parents, their understanding and support help our school to achieve its set goals.


Our sincere wish and prayer is that our students will have the comprehensive knowledge of life. May their hard work and good discipline lead them to success in life!


                                                                                Fr. James Thapa SDS

A school is a temple of learning, where life lessons are being taught, where one gains the knowledge of life, the knowledge of wisdom, and a foundation is being built to envisage the multi tasks of the world. It is the platform where students are prepared to face the challenges of life blended with failures and victories.


Christ Jyoti School, is committed to unfold a conducive atmosphere and environment, creating a surrounding which helps the students to immerse into the depth of knowledge and explore the paramount God given gifts and skills to be discovered. The school has laid the foundation of integral education. It focuses on the individual growth of the students and imparts the training needed for life. It focuses on the various needs of the students and makes learning a good preparation for future life.

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